CPC publishes position papers and research projects toward the shaping of a humane and ecologically viable society. Our first research project defines a technical, social, and communications strategy for making the transition to a regenerative civilization.


CPC provides consulting services to corporations, individuals, and nonprofits who desire to have a more benevolent social and ecological impact. CPC applies systems thinking and creative vision to support efficient organizational change.


Through issue briefs, essays, videos, seminars, talks, and social media, CPC will define and articulate the values and principles of the new planetary culture, while showcasing cutting-edge thinking in many fields.


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Humanity is now in the midst of a historical #transition towards the Planetary Phase of #civilization Read&Contribute 


    Today, humanity faces our greatest challenge, and our most precious opportunity.  Our activity as a species has put the Earth in jeopardy. We can directly observe that our use of resources must change.  We are threatening the ability of the biosphere to support our continuity,......

  • Tianjin, an eco-city in China being built on the coast for 350,000 people. It combines restoration efforts, an advanced public transportation system, and renewable energy. Richard Register of Eco-City builders consulted on the project and discusses it here:

    A letter from Daniel Pinchbeck

    Dear Friends and Collaborators, Center for Planetary Culture is a new organization that uses the familiar structure of a think tank to explore cutting-edge ideas and practices. As part of our work, we consult, experiment, innovate, propose, propound and pontificate. We also incubate new media a...